Is It a Chore to Keep Solar Panels Clean?

If you have been toying with the idea of installing solar panels on your roof, you may have a good understanding of the benefits. You know that you can harness power from the sun to energise your home and feed any excess into the grid. Yet while this sounds very well and good, you may be hesitating if you have enough work on your hands to keep the rest of the house clean. Read More 

Benefits of Having Well-trained Fire Wardens in a Business Setting

In every business setting, the need to mitigate risk is of utmost importance. Just like business losses, risk of fires should also be taken seriously and prior measures should be taken. In light of this risk, organisations have insured themselves against fires, acquired fire preventive and fighting equipment and have well-trained fire wardens on standby. The primary function of a well-trained and qualified fire warden is to evacuate every person in their designated zones in case of a fire to selected safe zones. Read More