What You Should Know About Indoor Air Quality Services

Clean air is important for sustaining life, preventing respiratory problems/illnesses and enhancing comfort. Commercial building owners (employers) owe their employees clean air to breathe and work comfortably in. This is why you might come across indoor air quality services. It is important to note that even though the service name is indoor air quality, indoor air quality companies also consider how the air outside affects the air indoors. Here's what you need to know about indoor air quality services: Read More 

Benefits of Having Well-trained Fire Wardens in a Business Setting

In every business setting, the need to mitigate risk is of utmost importance. Just like business losses, risk of fires should also be taken seriously and prior measures should be taken. In light of this risk, organisations have insured themselves against fires, acquired fire preventive and fighting equipment and have well-trained fire wardens on standby. The primary function of a well-trained and qualified fire warden is to evacuate every person in their designated zones in case of a fire to selected safe zones. Read More