Key Considerations When Planning to Drill for Bore Water

In some places, water has become a scarce resource. Therefore, property owners need to watch their water consumption, especially in arid and semi-arid areas. For instance, if you need to irrigate your garden, fill your swimming pool and cater to daily household chores, then municipal water supply might be expensive. In such cases, drilling for bore water is a cost-effective option. However, it would be best if you considered several actors before starting to drill a well on your property. This article highlights vital considerations when planning to drill a water bore.

Drilling Rig Access

Once you have decided to drill a water bore on your property and have found a drilling contractor, the first thing you should think about is accessibility. Bore water drilling rigs are massive, and it can be challenging to access most residential properties. In some cases, a drilling rig can only get as far as a driveway. Therefore, some renovation work might be necessary to get a rig through. For instance, if you have a narrow gate attached to a brick wall, you need to bring down the wall to allow a drilling rig through. However, remember that renovation costs are not part of the bore drilling expenses. Discuss with a drilling contractor to get a reasonable quote for an entire project.

Location of Reliable Aquifer

Research is critical when trying to intersect a reliable aquifer. A good sign that there is a reliable aquifer on your property is the presence of other boreholes in neighbouring properties. However, that is no guarantee that you will find bore water on your property. For example, there might be too many boreholes in an area, which may affect the amount of water in an aquifer. Your best bet at drilling a water bore in the right location is to hire a contractor who has a hydrologist as part of their team. The expert will survey your property and point the exact locations where you are most likely to intersect strong underground water flows.

Turnkey Bore Water Drilling Service

Once a bore water drilling contractor has hit an aquifer, the next step is to install a pump and other ancillary equipment. Notably, ensure that you work with a bore water drilling contractor that offers turnkey solutions. Such a service provider will, in addition to rigging a borehole, provide you with the most appropriate water pumping solution. As such, you will not have to hire another contractor to handle pump installations. Most importantly, a turnkey bore water drilling contractor will help you to understand the capabilities of a pump.