Is It a Chore to Keep Solar Panels Clean?

If you have been toying with the idea of installing solar panels on your roof, you may have a good understanding of the benefits. You know that you can harness power from the sun to energise your home and feed any excess into the grid. Yet while this sounds very well and good, you may be hesitating if you have enough work on your hands to keep the rest of the house clean. If you go ahead, you might be worried about the upkeep cost associated with solar panels but could be stressing unduly. What's the real story?

Setting Things Up

In the vast majority of cases, a solar panel array will be installed in a static position on the part of your roof that faces generally towards the north. Typically, this array will be laid flat onto the surface and will be connected through a simple pipe and wiring network to your electrical installation.

Worrying About Dust

Looking forward, however, somebody may have told you that these solar panels will not work as well as they should unless you clean them on a regular basis. After all, if it barely rains in your part of the world during summer, the panels are likely going to accumulate a lot of dust.

While this may be the case, the situation will not affect the overall performance of your solar panels to any great degree. Most installers recommended you simply leave them as they are and that you don't need to worry about rinsing them off on a regular basis. This should come as great news as, after all, you probably have enough trouble climbing up to that area to clear those leaf-clogged gutters!

Dealing With Technical Issues

If you do run into any technical or mechanical issues associated with your solar array, some contractors will cover this as part of their installation cost. If not, they will be only too pleased to advise you and will handle any repairs as needed. In this case, if you find that your productivity is down and that you don't appear to be generating as much power as you used to, talk with your contractor for further advice.

Nothing to Worry About

Otherwise, you certainly don't need to worry unduly about keeping those solar panels clear of any dirt or dust. This means that you can pick up the phone and call your solar salesperson so they can schedule an installation as soon as possible.